A new ecological life has to begin. We believe this new life will have to be invented.

The questioning of our habits, optimization of resources used to perform the various functions of objects surrounding us, an analysis of our real needs, etc. These are questions that interest us and motivate us in building this company.

Personally, as the founder of Hh, I always had the ambition to create a company that could be useful and which could, at its height, change things.

It seems to me increasingly clear that we will need, us humans, to learn to live more ecologically and in compliance with the limits that the planet requires us. This reflection demand stances and behavior changes. We want - at Hh - to become a reference in the field and for that we want each of our decisions (and thus each of our new products or services) to contribute in some way or another to a better ecoliving. We want to bring solutions to a new lifestyle that will have to be in line with environmental needs of our society and our world.

To meet this challenge that is both noble and demanding, it seems important that this new ecological life remains connected to pleasure and positivity. The idea of reducing should resonates with better living and improve quality of life. We deeply believe it.

The beginning of this great change begins today and will probably never end. It is therefore infinite. And that is probably what makes it in our eyes so relevant and so important. We will always have to improve.

We believe that we will gradually change our reflexes, change our ideas or review at least on a multitude of things. That we will get more conscious and aware of what means to make better choices. Rather than seeing this as a constraint, we see this as an amazing opportunity. If we undoubtedly already went too far in this consumer society, there is an urgent need to review our priorities. The Product Life Institute in Geneva, a reference entity in environmental strategies, recommends a reduction of 90% of the material used in the design of new products. Needless to say that the challenge is huge ... As designers, we must face the challenge and contribute by our work into finding relevant answers and solutions. Hh is all about that.

We offer you to embark with us on this path of a new green life. Feel free to send us your suggestions, the future must be invented in collaboration. Until then, we're now preparing you new products and collaborations that illustrate this vision we have.

Louis-Philippe Pratte - President / Founder, Director Design + Brand